2017 Speakers

Wed. Nov. 15, 2017…”TELEKINESIS”…Mastering Consciousness by Moving Physical Objects Through Intention

Wed. Nov. 15, 2017..."TELEKINESIS"...Mastering Consciousness by Moving Physical Objects Through Intention

Human intention and subtle energy access overcoming physical laws as defined by contemporary scientific beliefs.

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Wed., Oct. 11, 2017, “Living Among Spirits”…October…the season of otherworldly curiosity

Wed., Oct. 11, 2017, “Living Among Spirits”...October…the season of otherworldly curiosity

“In matters of the supernatural, wisdom dictates we make the effort to understand rather than to ignore or fear.”… ~ Richard D. Nelson ~

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Sept. 20, 2017..."GALACTIC COMMUNITY INTRODUCTIONS"...Our Next Reality

  “GALACTIC COMMUNITY INTRODUCTIONS” …Our Next Reality Debbie Solaris Extraterrestrial Contactee l Radio Host l Intuitive l Teacher   The great majority of Debbie’s life had always been very conventional and conservative in a Roman Catholic upbringing in a military family, where matters like “aliens and UFOs were never ever discussed”. That was the case up until 2012 when she experienced an amazing life altering event which redirected the course of her life into arenas she had never, believed in or even, known about. This fateful UFO/Extraterrestrial encounter not only altered her perceptions and beliefs but dramatically expanded her human

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August 16, 2017…A Crash Course in a Larger Reality, A Coma Patient Opens Doors to Other Realities

August 16, 2017...A Crash Course in a Larger Reality, A Coma Patient Opens Doors to Other Realities

A coma induced voyage into other worlds & times…

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July 19, 2017~ A Galactic Federation Introduction…”A systematic disclosure is now underway”

July 19, 2017~ A Galactic Federation Introduction..."A systematic disclosure is now underway"

In late summer of 1993, this same commander took Tolec on 3 closely clustered separate time-travel trips over the course of a week and a half via an Andromeda Council scout craft.

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June 21, 2017…DREAMS…”a portal to your deeper realities”

June 21, 2017...DREAMS..."a portal to your deeper realities"

We will examine dreams from perspectives of science, psychology, evolution, benefits, healing, problem solving, precognition, spirit communication, personal potential and other insightful aspects.

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May 17, 2017…”Animal Spirit Guides”…The Shamanic Understanding

May 17, 2017..."Animal Spirit Guides"...The Shamanic Understanding

“Animal Spirit Guides” The Shamanic Understanding Dr. Steven Farmer Psychotherapist I Shamanic Practitioner I Author I Hypnotherapist I Teacher I Reiki Master Discovering Your Animal Spirit Guide Dr. Steven Farmer is a world-renowned author, teacher, retired psychotherapist, former college professor, shamanic practitioner, Soul Healer and hypnotherapist. He has published several best-selling books. Seven of the nine books shown below are currently available on Amazon Books online and have an impressive average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars with 650 reviews. He has also produced numerous other therapeutic healing books, CD, children’s books and cards as an introduction to animal

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PRF April 19, 2017…”Intuitive Development” ~ The Next Scientific Leap in Human Understanding

PRF April 19, 2017..."Intuitive Development" ~ The Next Scientific Leap in Human Understanding

“Scientific research has made a shocking discovery that the heart’s energy systems including electromagnetic and other communication energy impulses dwarf those in the brain”

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PRF Mar. 15, 2017…”Exploring the Multiverse”…Through Lucid Dreams, OBEs & Otherworldly Experiences

PRF Mar. 15, 2017..."Exploring the Multiverse"...Through Lucid Dreams, OBEs & Otherworldly Experiences

Regardless of your interest or curiosity in any of these esoteric topics, it is expected that you will gain a deeper awareness of the concepts and dynamics surrounding them, by the end of the presentation.

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PRF Feb. 15, 2017…”The Connected Universe”…man’s connection and relationship with nature and the cosmos

PRF Feb. 15, 2017..."The Connected Universe"...man's connection and relationship with nature and the cosmos

This work is one of a handful that is shaping a new world awareness bridging the perception gaps between science, ancient history technology, nature, spiritual beliefs and the cosmos identifying mankind’s role in all.

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PRF Jan. 18, 2017…”Subtle Energy Discoveries” For Healing & Interdimensional Contact.

PRF Jan. 18, 2017..."Subtle Energy Discoveries" For Healing & Interdimensional Contact.

Polaroid photographs taken of beings from other realms, dimensions or worlds will be included in the presentation.

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