PRF Nov. 16, 2016…”How to Flow & Flourish in Chaotic Times”

PRF Nov. 16, 2016..."How to Flow & Flourish in Chaotic Times"

  Dr. David Tresemer has a doctorate in psychology from Harvard University and is an author of numerous books. His accomplishments are extensive and varied as described in his biography. Lila Sophia Tresemer for the past 40 years has been learning much about how to build community, develop relationships and communication skills, in partnership with the spirits of Nature. More information is available on her biography. The two created StarHouse in the 1990’s as a spiritual and cultural learning center in their hometown of Boulder, Colorado. They are looking to further support new stewards in growing a relevant spiritual community

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Bizarre Stan Romanek experiences continue….

Bizarre Stan Romanek experiences continue....

BREAKING NEWS…Bizarre unexplainable activity continues for Extraterrestrial contactee Stan Romanek

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2012, The Galactic Event…The Process… November 28th

2012, The Galactic Event...The Process... November 28th

“2012, The Galactic Event…The Process…” Dr. Bob Whitehouse will be presenting.

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Most Ancient Indigenous Cultures

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Most Reality Cannot Be Measured

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