2012 Mayan Prophecies

PRF Sept. 19, 2012 ~ “Entering The Next Human Era”…a powerful insight from the ancients

PRF Sept. 19, 2012 ~ “Entering The Next Human Era”...a powerful insight from the ancients

A little over a year ago, Native American Chief and lakota Sioux Elder, Dr. A. C. Ross, had heart stopping event where he found himself on the other side of the veil of life as we know it. While in this very different place he was met by a very powerful Native American spirit that gave him a mission to return to this place on earth and tell others of an extremely significant event that is about to happen to us and our world

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2012 – Timely Lessons for All Humanity from A Hopi Elder

The Hopi believe that humanity is almost at the point of the Great Purification that will mark the end of the fourth world

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2012 Prophecies

All indigenous cultures had shaman and spiritual leaders that had abilities to transform themselves into altered states understanding and seeing beyond the the existing space and time they were in.  High leaders in many major world cultures had relied, and still rely, on the insights of individuals with the ability to understand future events through less than conventional means.  A little published fact is that all of the indigenous peoples from every part of the world with highly diverse cultures appear to have the same common denominators prophesying a major event centering around the galactic positioning of December 21, 2010.  How could it be that thousands

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