Ancient Earth Mounds & Their Implications

Oct. 22, 2013, I returned from a quick visit to Southwest Ohio to visit family where I grew up.  While there I visited one of the hundreds of historic earth mounds at a historic site known as “Fort Ancient Mounds“.  We didn’t spend a lot of time there but I did take a few .Rick Nelson Blogminutes to visit with the lady behind the desk while other family members were looking around the museum shop.

She stated artifacts here date to as early as 5000 years B.C covering typical generic overview speculations but then dropped a new factual component in I hadn’t heard of before.  She said the multiple mound systems in the area aligned with both global magnetic and rFort Ancient Earth Moundsotational north.  For some reason I knew this was something very valuable and I had to digest it for a moment to know what was resonating.  When that chill runs through my entire body and the hair on my arms stand up I always know a critical awareness has just taken place.  Exactly what that is frequently requires more fluid thought and discernment.  Through a series of quick mental reviews of various theoretical considerations that same physiological-emotional “knowingness” confirms I’m onto a reality.  In hindsight it’s never failed me so I accept this as a fundamental personal guide.

That circumference alignment likely represents a powerful electromagnetic or complimentary energy grid.  It’s very possible this represents a base prime meridian energy matrix for the Earth Energy Gridsplanet possibly even stabilizing it.  It makes sense that Native Americans, like Egyptians and Mayans, were highly advanced in their time on such matters.  We are now discovering at an ever increasing rate many of these ancient cultures knew about astronomy and many subtle energy systems than we can understand even today.  Not only did they know of such things they were aware of the structures to construct when necessary to stabilize planetary systems.

These invisible grids are known as Ley Lines, Hartmann Lines, Curry Lines, Becker Hagens Grid and other subtle energy grid lines that collectively make up a sophisticated platonic solid geometric multi-layered grid system.  This complex system generates dynamic interrelated processes that we are just beginning to identify at fairly basic levels.  Once you accept the consideration of an energy grid investigative research reveals another related energy field system with seemingly endless systems associated with them.  These invisible energy systems not only traverse the surface of the earth but run through the earth and are connected to many energy fields throughout the cosmos. It appears crop circles are also one of the many indicators now introducing us to these multi-tiered energy systems for those with the abilities to observe and visualize aspects of the matrix.  The human mind can’t comprehend these systems but can develop some overarching concepts as described here.

Earth's Becker Hagens Grid System

It appears a more holistic approach to considering ancient archeology and history begins revealing to us worlds of understandings with energy dynamics that will replace current mainstream science as we perceive it.  Quantum physicists, researchers, healers and spiritual groups are discovering highly advanced realities through unconventional means that we can begin bridging with cutting edge scientific revelations.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of scientific experiments conducted in recent centuries that generated results defying conventional science now begin to reveal their validity in highly advanced understandings.

In recent years it has come to my attention that most mainstream archeological beliefs are just that…contemporary opinions based on speculation rather than fact.  The masses accept and quote these contemporary theories as scientific fact in great part because it becomes Flat limestone rocks cover certain mounds at Sort Ancienta simplified reference to put complex unknown matters into a simple comprehendible perspective.  These opinions of history are based on very limited discovery of artifacts and structures which are then interpreted through rigid protocols followed by a consensus determined by a small elite peer group is then adopted as official history.  Over time, as more information comes to light, it has been routinely learned the foundations of these earlier mainstream beliefs were typically inaccurate or incomplete so it’s very important to keep an open mind and lean toward beliefs that incorporate as many facts as possible from as many approaches as possible.

Facts such as numbers of 8’ and 9’ giants unearthed in Michigan mound excavations as reported in multiple reputable newspapers (see articles & photo below) from the 1870s to 1912 should be incorporated into mound considerations.  Facts like these don’t fit theories being promoted by individuals wishing to have their work sanctioned by the mainstream institutions of the day.  These institutional acknowledgements make it much easier to receive grants and funding to support these individual’s works although they are flawed.  Researcher Jim Vieira covers 20 years of his research into the mound builders of ancient America, including his compilation of thousands of reports of giant skeletons ranging from seven to over eleven feet tall unearthed from burial mounds with unusual features such as double rows of teeth.  It’s very unfortunate history being deliberately covered up because it doesn’t fit within the current paradigm.

This magnificent moment of grand scientific and historic discoveries in human history will be creating a new leap in human awareness.  Don’t forget the value of being insatiably curious, open-minded, thoughtful and discerning using your innate intuitive abilities to comprehend the worlds we live in. 

Welcome to planet earth, an amazing place of profound unfolding mysteries…


Giant skeletons found in Ancient Indian Mounds in Midwest United States

See photo below

Giant human sleletons found in ancient indian mounds found in midwest United States


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