About the “Paranormal Research Forum”

“Paranormal matters are simply highly unusual activities
and events which do not fit the presently accepted paradigm.”

~ Rick Nelson ~

Conventional science dismisses facts they can’t explain or replicate consistently. They acknowledge these results as the occurrence  of an anomalous event but dismiss them because they don’t agree with the premise scientists are promoting or defending.  A present day example might be what the “experts” have referred to as “junk DNA”. This is what the scientific community labeled that which they have no explanation for.  They haven’t learned there is NO “junk” in nature. There is only that which we do not currently understand.  Similarly, there is NO void or junk in the universe.  There are energies, cycles, complex dynamics and life forms beyond our current ability to identify, measure by present day means, define or comprehend.  We have become overly impressed with what we think we know.  The unfamiliar, unusual, supernatural, paranormal, occult are category labels we give to matters that actually bridge the gap between science and spirituality.

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The quest to understanding the unfamiliar and unknown is the first step to the discovery and awareness of our new future. It’s not that the paranormal is not real it’s just that we don’t understand it yet. It is important to keep in mind that every great scientific discovery was acknowledgment of something that always existed. We didn’t create anything we simply began to acknowledge and confirm its existence and quantify its characteristics through current scientific methods of measurement.  Supernatural and paranormal events are simply the opportunity to better understand realities which will eventually become adopted as our new sanctioned science. The limited thinking that scoffs at, or dismisses, the paranormal is the same mindset that kept people believing the world was flat.

Don’t overestimate science…they’re very slow to understand a sophisticated universe. It’s equally important to not underestimate your ability to observe, be discerning and form your own theories and perceptions.

Adopting the innocence of a child is a perfect approach to better understanding of paranormal matters.  With sense of openness, nonjudgmental curiosity thoughtful observation and discernment we can learn more than attempting to force everything into the propaganda of  inaccurate or incomplete contemporary beliefs.  Don’t form opinions or leap to conclusions too quickly.  If you want better answers you’ll need to ask better questions.  If we believe we know almost everything we probably won’t learn much.  Accept there is far more we don’t know than what we do.  That is a very healthy assumption and will allow us room to grow.  If we accept public ridicule regarding paranormal matters without doing our own research we will remain ignorant of much.

As our technology rapidly becomes more advanced and the average person has more access to devices like digital cameras, video cameras, audio recorders and more sophisticated and technical recording devices many investigators, researchers and unintentional documenters are recording high volumes of unexplainable events and activities. The fact that these bizarre events are being experienced is no longer in question. What this unexplainable activity represents is now the question.

The scientific community and other institutions that form our conventional belief systems dismiss any results that can not be consistently replicated or defy contemporary conventional thinking. These quantifiable anomalous nonconforming results that fall into the paranormal category can be assimilated and researched until they ultimately become the basis for our new scientific understanding. Skeptics and so called “debunkers” of paranormal events automatically try to force everything into present day paradigms or because they can replicate the illusion of the event which doesn’t mean the actual event wasn’t real. It is the easiest pigeonhole for most of us to place these thought provoking bits of data into as we go about our demanding daily routines. Always rationalizing anything that you can’t explain without actual investigation prevents you from personally discovering anything new within the supernatural arena.

Exploring the unknown is how nearly all significant discoveries began.  Asking questions with a  healthy sense of curiosity tempered with thoughtful discernment is how one begins understanding the world on deeper terms…perhaps we should say world(s).  Myth, legend, folklore and religion all have a basis for their stories and belief systems. The exaggeration, dramatization and detailing of facts that make for good story telling or debate unfortunately place the information into a less than credible or acceptable category for a lot of people. It’s interesting how many religions have been created from individual interpretations of the same recordings of events each suggesting theirs is the correct understanding and the others are mistaken or incorrect. However, more people in the U.S. culture are becoming more curious and acknowledging the existence of paranormal phenomena shifting from traditional rigid scientific and religious beliefs to a more collective spiritual perception of all matters.

When you take the time to research any paranormal phenomena you quickly discover the plethora of credible quantifiable data from a good number of intelligent professional individuals, institutions and other organizations confirming the presence of “something”. The interpretation of this “something” information is where people start disagreeing and it begins falling out of mainstream acceptance. Those that summarily dismiss or ridicule “paranormal” matters have limited their ability to understand the multitude of different realities we coexist with.

Our culture is so focused on what can be proven through scientific methods we ignore, dismiss or deny what does not conform to the present day parameters that have been defined for us by institutional science. It is difficult, if not impossible, to evolve our understanding using this approach.

When you hear the term “thinking outside the box” it’s important to remember there never was a box. Institutions and cultural elitists have defined a box attempting to force the masses to accept their contemporary opinions as “the box” or “the norm”.  The universe is extremely complex and dynamic and man will never be able to understand its depth and unending wonder.  It’s ironic how often mainstream science, history, archeology, religions and other foundational institutions are modifying what they had firmly defended as fact before each new revelation.

The universe at the smallest and grandest scales are organic, dynamic and alive not rigid as many would want us to perceive. If you use a method of viewing these matters from the biggest picture to the smallest microcosm constantly moving from one to the other you start to discover an amazing understanding of everything from a new perspective.  You begin to notice geometric patterns showing up at every scale then you recognize cycles and then cycles within them.  It is thrilling to realize something that you may have made fun of all of your life you now recognize in a way that makes complete sense rather than the context in which it was originally presented to you.

It is important to remember that nearly every major scientific discovery made was viewed as occult or paranormal before it was endorsed by the mainstream. If you told people as recently as 100-200 years ago that man could fly, you could talk to someone on the other side of the earth they would likely label you as crazy or possibly shunned or attacked you for your beliefs.

Earlier in man’s history you could have been tortured or killed for wild or blasphemous statements like “the earth is round”. Giant leaps of understanding have always been available to us when we stop viewing science as the highest form of human understanding. Most forerunners of new scientific breakthroughs are referencing “quantum physics” as the basis for comprehending reality in a new more meaningful way.

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance”

~ Albert Einstein ~

As many cutting edge scientists are discovering what we refer to as “spirituality” seems to be a foundational concept for comprehending our realities in a more accurate and holistic manner. That may be a giant leap for many but it is as simple as viewing “spirituality” as a name for our new sciences we have yet to discover while incorporating the common concepts of the world’s religions agree upon. Intuitively we know these things but cultural conditioning and the limitations of linear intellectual thinking keep us progressing at 60 miles per hour in a light speed universe. Rather than seeing ourselves as “highly advanced” by referencing what we have accomplished by looking in our rear view mirror we would likely be better served seeing our human evolutionary stage as teenagers overly impressed with what we think we know. If we view ourselves as just beginning to mature in the greater intelligence in the galactic neighborhood we will easily move forward at a much faster and wiser pace.

When people ask me, “Why do you think people reject what we call the paranormal ?” my response is, “Most people don’t have a place in their belief systems to rationally place such matters. It would require a person to modify their foundational belief systems such as religion, science and life at scales beyond human comfort and intellectual comprehension. It’s much easier to ignore, dismiss or ridicule and go about your daily business than concern yourself with matters of that scale“.

We don’t currently have the concepts to grasp or vocabulary to describe the realities that exist although they are unfolding rapidly.  When we have accepted science, religion, spirituality, folklore myth and legend as the same reality viewed from different perspectives rather than conflicting we have become wiser and have truly taken a giant step in our awareness and personal evolution.


~ Rick Nelson ~