29th Annual, UFO CAMP TRIP to the mysterious San Luis Valley of South Central Colorado, 2017


August 18, 19 & 20 2017


We hope you will join us for our 29th Annual outing to

Colorado’s Mysterious San Luis Valley…


Join us for a memorable weekend with friends, new information and hopefully UFO sightings!

POSTED: May 5, 2017

We look forward to seeing everyone that has contacted Rick through e-mail, phone or this sign-up

Please read all the information posted here to minimize any confusion and provide answers and helpful resources for most of your questions.

ANY IMPORTANT UPDATES or CHANGES (whenever posted) will be posted here.

This will make our 29th year for the event.  It’s popularity, due to the ever increasing UFO/ET activity and media attention around the world, has kept this outing alive.  The extremely high UFO  (and other paranormal phenomena) activity in this San Luis Valley, also known as The Mysterious Valley as a result of a book titled by the same name.  The valley is located in South Central Colorado about 150 miles N/S and 50 miles at it’s widest E/W.  Our event and campground is 30-mi. N/E of Alamosa immediately south of, and  just before the entrance to, the Great Sand Dunes National Monument.  The Mysterious Valley  is the first in a series of books by Christopher O’Brien identifying a large number of the thousands of supernatural events reported in the valley and related books that followed (titled Enter the Valley & Secrets of the Valley).

Aside from being a fantastic outdoor end-of-summer get away this trip proves to be educational, thought provoking and memorable while meeting new friends and getting caught-up with old ones.  Over the years hundreds have seen their first UFOs at these outings.  It’s one of those “moments” in life that you, your family and friends will always remember with smiles, stories great memories and laughter for the rest of your lives.  So…break free from your mindless demanding routine drudgery and give yourself a genuine break in nature before that long slow winter hibernation process begins to set in.

This year let’s start a new tradition by making sure you introduce yourself to everyone you see and let them know where you came from.  It’s valuable to connect with those that have common interests especially in such esoteric topics.  You may have more in common than you realize.  Make sure you say hello to Rick Nelson because he (I mean I : )) really like getting to know all of you better and discovering what brought you to the event.  Be sure to choose a time when I’m taking a break so I can give you my undivided attention.

We will have a presenter for Saturday morning who is yet to be  identified but will be posted on this page when available.  Friday night at dusk (about 8:15PM) around the campfire Rick Nelson will welcome everyone and share some very interesting information about the “Mysterious Valley” which continually lives up to its name.  For whatever unknown reason the San Luis Valley has been a host to an exceptionally wide range of supernatural and paranormal activity.


Traveling north on the road to the Oasis Campground and the Great Sand Dunes National Monument.






Oasis Camp Store             719 378-2222

Sand Dunes Park              719 378-6399

Oasis Lodge                       719 378-2900

Colorado Gators               719 378-2612

UFO Watchtower             719-378-2296

Rick Nelson                       303 919-6532 (important matters only)



Book your own reservation for lodge, cabins and RV spots.  If you have any additional questions, please contact Rick Nelson: ExplorerExperience@yahoo.com ~or 303 919-6532.

Event Cost ~ FREE…for the benefit of all curious souls looking to understand more about our bigger galactic neighborhood

Tent & Vehicle Camping 719-378-2222, DO NOT call in advance to reserve!  Just show up with your gear and check-in at the Camp Store but please let Rick know you’ll be comingCamp cost is only $4 per night per person includes showers & restrooms. Please mention you’re with the Paranormal Research Forum (or UFO Group with Rick Nelson) when checking in because this is our GROUP RATE. We will be located at Group Campsite #1.  map.

Cabins 719-378-2222, are about a 5-min. walk to the  Group Campsite #1 tent camping area.  They have bunk beds and are very basic- bring your own sheets (limited number of cabins). Call in advance to reserve.

RV Camping 719-378-2222, is about a 5-min. walk to the  Group Campsite #1 tent camping area. Call in advance to reserve RV space.

Lodge 719 378-2900, First come first serve. Limited number of rooms.  Please call early for availability and prices.  Call in advance to reserve while rooms are still available.

*Important- Pease submit the names of those in your party (below), whether you’re tent camping, in motor home, lodge or cabins and a key contact person & phone.  Kids and pets are NOT encouraged on this trip, but not specifically prohibited (please speak with Rick beforehand). We want to create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone without disruption or distraction for an adult crowd. Its important we be considerate and respectful of everyone’s experience to provide great memories as we do every year.

~ Weekend Schedule ~


Dusk…8:15PM? Gather around the campfire at the Group Campsite and get to know each other. Bring your camp chairs and evening weather clothing and whatever you need to be comfortable.  Check the bulletin board in front of Camp store for group campsite location.  We are in “GROUP CAMPSITE #1”


10:30AM-12:30ish AM Gathering at the Group Campsite Campfire location for UFO presentation.

Dusk- midnight & later Sky-watch at the Oasis Campsite! Bring your chairs, binoculars/telescopes and warm clothing for a social gathering to watch the skies over the San Luis Valley for the frequent activity in the area. This is a great time to visit while enjoying a night under the Colorado night sky. Don’t forget water and any snacks (please remember to pick up your plastic bottles and trash). The sky-watch is NOT intended as a wild party so please be respectful of others with your noise level at this event.


Currently being scheduled…check back later for details


lisa_romanek,_Paranormal_Research_Forum, UFO_Camp_Trip_2015 Stan_Romanek,_Paranormal_Research_Forum-UFO-Camp-Trip-2015STAN & LISA ROMANEK are expected to be joining us this weekend to relax and get to know more people interested in the complex topic of Extraterrestrial experiences. Their massive numbers of unexplainable experiences are so diverse and sometimes seemingly unrelated except that their many UFO/ET encounters appear to be at the core of their supernatural story.

 Feel free to introduce yourself and get to know more about their ongoing bizarre experiences. After all, this is a casual social/educational outing to bring everyone together so we can share and discover what an amazing universe we live in.


Anytime– Have breakfast at Oasis Restaurant to get to know each other better, compare notes about skywatch observations with new friends, and see if anyone wants to coordinate schedules to trek to the Sand Dunes, Zapata Falls, Alligator Farm Hot Springs or other fun activities in the areas.

AT YOUR OWN PACE ~ UFO Watchtower– You don’t want to miss stopping here at this one-of-a-kind place in the world  visiting Judy Mesoline & Stan, and seeing what little souvineers or gifts you might find. You can also get an update on some of the most recent UFO activity and some of the most dramatic UFO events noted in the immediate area.  It’s important to support the Watchtower’s work so make sure you do your part and buy at least a couple of items to give your friends at home a smile (they’re great conversation pieces & mementos). The Watchtower is located on the west side of Highway 17 just north of the Great Sand Dunes turnoff.  Tell Judy & Stan Rick says Hi! : )

UFO Watchtower, Extraterrestrial, PRF, Paranorman Research Forum, Rick Nelson

Zapata Falls– A memorable experience to a sacred Native American ritual site (waterfall at the end of a really high walled stone grotto).  It’s a 20-min. drive south from the campsite and a 15-min. light-medium hike to the grotto. To walk back to the falls you’ll need some water shoes (old tennis shoes work great…don’t forget ‘em).

Alligator Farm– Really unique place and well worth the visit. Located about 30-min. from the campsite.

Great Sand Dunes National Monument– About 5-min. north of the campground.

EQUIPMENT SUGGESTIONS– The temperatures this time of year are historically up to the mid-80’s, down to the upper-40’s at night with brief afternoon showers. Temperatures can drop into the mid 40’s at night but check the weather link below for more accurate and current local weather conditions. We will be there during a dark phase of the moon which should be great for viewing stars and activity in the night sky over the Dunes. You never know about the weather there so be prepared for hot, cool and/ or wet weather at any time (even in the same hour). Equipment suggestions include bottled water, camp chairs (extra if you have them), water-shoes or booties (for Zapata Falls), towels for the showers, rain gear, walkie-talkies (channel 7- if we use them), binoculars, cameras, video cameras, jacket or warm clothing for Saturday’s sky watch and anything else I think of to put on this list later : ) Keep checking! Some cell phone services are available from time to time but not guaranteed…Verizon has coverage there. Most services aren’t available in the area so its helpful to bring a walkie-talkie to stay in touch with the group you might come with.

WEATHER FORECAST AREA MAP Aerial Photo- Oasis Store/Showers/ Lodge/ Group Campsite #1/ Restrooms Oasis Campground aerial photo, Group Campsite #1

Area Road Map

Great Sand Dunes Oasis Area Map

Please read all the information posted here to minimize any confusion and provide answers and helpful resources for most of your questions

ANY IMPORTANT UPDATES or CHANGES (whenever posted) will be posted here

Past UFO Camp Photos …Choose FS at bottom right to view Full Screen.

Please send Rick Nelson an e-mail at ExplorerExperience@yahoo.com with the names of everyone in your party noting whether you’re tent camping in motor home, lodge or cabins and a key contact person & phone.  Your information isn’t shared with anyone else.

Once again, kids and pets are NOT encouraged on this trip, but not specifically prohibited (please speak with Rick or e-mail beforehand 303 919-6532 or ExplorerExperience@yahoo.com). We want to do everything practical to create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone without disruption or distraction for an adult crowd. Its important we be considerate and respectful of everyone’s experience.  Simple common sense & common courtesy, rather than political correctness, prevail here.  : )

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