Duncan Campbell Dec. 2, 2015…Human Perception & Reality “Developing a Deeper Spirit Infused Dialogue”

Rescheduled from original Nov. 18 date

Human Perception & Reality

 Developing a Deeper Spirit Infused Dialogue


Duncan Campbell

World Traveler l Researcher l Visionary l Author l TV/Radio Dialogue Host

Wed. Nov. 18, 2015, 7:00-9:15PM ~ See pertinent meeting details at end of this page

Duncan Campbell holds degrees from Yale and Harvard Law School, and a Certificate from the Sorbonne. He is an acknowledged wisdom-keeper and “visionary thinker with a commanding knowledge of the most important issues of the day”, including the evolutionary imperative of co-creative intercultural and intergenerational dialogue for transformational change, and the pressing societal and climate change need for the democratization of our institutions and the energy economy.

Duncan has hosted his “Living Dialogues” program since 1995, first on public television, and now on radio and the Internet, with over 200 visionaries in many different fields.  The program airs live on Sundays 12:30-1pm MT, on KGNU public radio and the Internet including program archives.

He has hosted his Living Dialogues programs with fellow internationally renowned and pioneering visionaries including Deepak Chopra, Marianne explore_discover_investigate_understandWilliamson, Ram Dass, Graham Hancock, Don Miguel Ruiz, Barbara Marx Hubbard, James Redfield, Allen Ginsberg, John Gray, Eckhart Tolle, John Major Jenkins, Gangaji, Brian Weiss, Lynne McTaggart, Rupert Sheldrake, Ralph Nader, Pentagon Papers Pulitzer Prize winner Hedrick Smith, Ervin Laszlo, Martin Macwan, Mallika Sarabhai, Hazel Henderson, Joseph Chilton Pearce.  His work has attracted the attention of top global leaders in the weaving of a new world tapestry ushering in an incomparable experiential reality.

He has traveled widely in both industrial and developing countries, engaging with modern and indigenous cultures, receiving initiations in several traditions, and has made pilgrimages to major sacred sites on five continents.

cosmic_mind,_Duncan_Campbell,_Paranormal_Research_ForumIn the last 45 years he has gained extensive experience in the fields of psychology, philosophy, spirituality, law, business, finance, politics, communications and teaching, presenting in a variety of formal and informal venues, including in Europe, Brazil, Russia, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico, Canada, Peru, and teaching courses for credit at Harvard College and the JFK Institute of Politics while a student at Harvard Law School….(more on Duncan)

Commentary on Duncan…

Ted Sorensen, on the occasion of his book “Counselor: A Life at the Edge of History”, said: “I have so enjoyed talking for an extended time with Duncan Campbell. Whoever puts him on the air deserves a Nobel, Pulitzer, or any other prize, because clearly this is a program that advances the best interest of all the American people, not just a few high-powered lobbyists or special interest groups. It serves the country well, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Duncan, I can’t thank you enough, I have never had a dialogue, much less an interview, anything like this. And I salute you for the path that you’re following. Thanks so much. Keep up the good work. This has been a joy.”

Brian Weiss M.D. author of Many Lives, Many Masters and Same Soul, Many Bodies: “Living Dialogues with Duncan Campbell is one of my favorite programs. Duncan has such a rich and textured experience that he shares with his listeners, and being a guest on his program is so wonderful for me because the integration of Duncan’s experience and mine are so perfectly blended. It’s not one-sided as so many programs are. This gives me an opportunity to think and to listen and to learn from Duncan’s experiences too, this is really part of the program that makes it special. The nature of the program, the essence, of the program is shared communication, shared experience, shared wisdom, and then, like a dialectic, the one stimulating the other, bringing it to a higher level, a higher octave, than it could be just by me hearing myself talk.” 

Deepak Chopra:  It’s my great privilege always to be interviewed by Duncan Campbell.  Duncan’s program, “Living Dialogues”, is a real trendsetter for the kind of media programming we need in the future.  It is uniquely transformative, and deep.  Duncan’s conversations are more than interviews; they always bring out the best in both him and the person he’s interviewing.


Based on a culmination of his diverse world experiences Duncan will be sharing a vision he was shown and related process he has worked with for the last 25 years where we can individually discover and tap into a greater reality outside western culture programming conveyed through ongoing spiritual, mankind, human energy, manifestation, creation, human abilities, imagination, co-creatorsinstitutional conditioning delivered over the entire course of our lives.  It is intended to unite both our indigenous consciousness and contemporary minds setting us free to be who we really are.

He will be conducting a dialogue exercise while we are fully aware of our left & right brain mind processing engaging in “deep listening”.  This awareness process will be cultivating a Spirit infused dialogue opening the door to how significant change can take place in the world.

This interactive process is intended to have you personally experience a deeper approach to recognizing our integral role as part of cosmic existence by tapping into this intricate underlying Spirit consciousness beyond intellect.

This information and experience will serve us well as we journey through apparent chaos while we are developing our greatest solutions and choices outside the constraints of our current processing limitations.


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