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Teachers of New Physics

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Valerie Solheim, PhD

Psychologist l Professor l Researcher l Author


Valerie’s two passions have been Teaching and Jungian Depth Psychology. She has taught kindergarten through graduate school, presented workshops and lectures in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, Western United States, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Valerie also had the high honor of being invited to teach at the world acclaimed Jungian Institute in Switzerland.

She holds degrees in Spanish, English, Economics and Psychology, from BA, MA to PhD. Given her list of accomplishments, what she holds sacred is the ever-opening space in the mind.  Life learning, she proposes, is not about an accumulation of knowledge but the releasing of myths that deceive and misdirect one’s ability to live life in the awareness of higher truths.

Valerie originally took up beekeeping as a hobby but shortly discovered there was far more than imagined. A closer look at the world of these fascinating small beings began to expose a number of amazing and powerful dynamics.  The honey they produce, like no other food, has been found to retain its freshness and quality for thousands of years.

einstein,_Paranormal_Research_ForumAlbert Einstein said “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”

Aspects of the honeybees work is a foundational contributor to our very existence on the planet. Perhaps that’s because their processes and methodologies involved in creating honey replicates the very core of creation in some manner.  Most people know very little about how bees honeybee_honeycomb_PRFfunction and the comprehensive scope of healing qualities of the honey they produce.  The sacred geometric hexagonal holding space they employ is a fundamental building block of the universe.  Quantum mechanical models presented by numerous noted scientists in the subtle energy fields are clearly demonstrated by the various activities of honeybees.  At this time in human evolution the subtle patterns which reflects the geometric fabric that holds the universe together at every level is increasingly revealing itself in scientific discoveries worldwide.

Dr. Solheim’s presentation will delve into the activities and processes honeybees utilize to create differing energy frequencies which she has discovered produce amazing healing qualities. frequency,_paranormal_research_forum She has worked with, and used, subtle energy devices in the hives designed by Slim Spurling and Bill Reid.  This educational evening will look at some of the science and understanding of the powerful healing properties honeybees provide in a new light.

Through her in-depth work with bees an unexpected discovery began to reveal itself. The various energy frequencies generated by the bees in different stages of their works created highly unique fields especially related to healing.  Most of us are aware of some of the powerful healing qualities of the honey they produce but her discoveries related to the resonant sound frequencies they were embedding in their product.

To that end she has developed four audio CDs of the honeybee sounds that have produced powerful healing qualities. Each one of the set represents a specific highly coherent frequency affecting everything within its vibrational range.

It appears the distinct stages of the hive’s seasonal activities possess specific and invaluable healing qualities reflected in the following CD recordings:

1. CREATION reorganizes disrupted DNA cellular patterning (as bees are building the hive)

2. CLEANSING and CLEARING (in spring female bees only)

3. SPIRITUAL our bio-field or etheric bodies (in summer)

4. PHYSICAL BODY healing (in fall-winter)


In summary, the honeybees’ process of creating honey (referred as the perfect naturally processed food) is perhaps more important than the honey itself.  Understanding the value of the energy frequencies generated through these processes possibly offers a greater contribution to human wellbeing than the honey.


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