PRF July 16, 2014 …Powerful Mysteries of the Heart & Brain Unveiled Through Science

Powerful Mysteries of the Heart & Brain Unveiled Through Science

Revelations of the amazing science, roles & powers of the brain & heart

“Intuitive Communication”


Dominique Surel, Ph.D.

Dr. Surel is an internationally recognized authority on developing intuitive skills and abilities as well as refining one’s analytical expertise.  She is a Noetic scientist who lectures and conducts trainings worldwide in the development of Intuitive Intelligence, Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), and Radiesthesia (an esoteric science practiced by a very privileged spiritual visionary group within the ancient Egyptian hierarchy allowing them to see informational energies and act as advisors to the cultural leadership…small enlightened groups around the world practice this ritual skill yet today). She has also worked as a strategy consultant for 15 years in Europe for major corporations. Many of the projects involved corporate culture and communications issues and she quickly realized that creative solutions were not generated by using standard intellectual models but by integrating intuition, knowledge, and critical thinking.

Dominique has a BA in International Relations, an MBA in Marketing, and a Doctoral degree in Organizational Management & Leadership.  She has been trained in Controlled Remote Viewing by one of the best military viewers, Lyn Buchanan, and has trained law enforcement agencies in intuitive and investigative techniques, and spirituality in the workplace. The topic of her Doctoral research was The Role of Intuition in the Decision-Making Process.

Dominique is Dean of Faculty and Professor at the Energy Medicine University, CA, offering graduate and doctoral courses in Spiritual Leadership, Critical Thinking, Intuitive Intelligence, Controlled Remote Viewing, and Radiesthesia.  She is a Council Member of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE). She has developed her own methodology to develop intuitive skills by integrating the powerful components of controlled remote viewing, radiesthesia, and critical thinking. She believes that intuition is a natural cognitive skill that needs to be recognized, developed, and then fully integrated into our holistic thinking process.

Her past experience includes working for the Harvard University Program on Negotiation, and at the MIT Plasma Fusion Center. While living in Europe she also worked for the International Herald Tribune and for the French National Adult Education Department.

Living in an era and culture where perception has become more powerful than reality our values and priorities have been manipulated beyond our intellectual ability to grasp.  Within us the_programmed_human_mindat our cellular level we have access to insightful information and deep unfettered understandings becoming ever more important to routinely employ in our chaotic and intrusive marketing environment.  Billions of dollars are spent manipulating human perceptions, values, priorities and our routines.  More than two generations of US citizens have been so subconsciously programmed we actually believe our actions reflect our own thinking and decision making.  That’s three generations of propaganda by big business, television, newspapers, government and others determining how and what we think by default.  It’s critical to realize the brain is programmable and the heart is not.  Learning how to work with both in a symbiotic relationship insures we are functioning at our peak human potential.

Spiritual masters and elders from all cultures around the world understand the methods and value of accessing this highest level of awareness.  It’s not magic and it isn’t exclusively available to only the privileged.  Re-learning how to tap into this connection can help us live a more flowing life with less chaos and confusion in an extremely demanding environment.


Dominique will present some of the most powerful information about the functions and interactions between the heart and brain that few people are familiar with.  These recent scientific discoveries allow us to begin perceiving how we think, feel and process in a new paradigm beyond traditional teachings.  We can then move from believing something or what we think to automatically knowing.

This information will resonate with your personal life experiences but brings a “knowingness” to the intellect that mainstream monk_meditationculture has not been aware of.  Only shaman, channels, seers, clairvoyants, yogis, gurus, prophets, oracles and select few highly advanced beings throughout history have developed the ability to masterfully employ these skills to a level allowing communication between individuals and other intelligent dimensions, realms and worlds in time and space.

Consider the impact of functioning how we can and should in our optimum state.  Better understanding the roles and processes of the powerful complex functions of the heart and brain would allow us to naturally operate in a much clearer manner with less effort and confusion and chaos.  The overwhelming programming by a multitude of outside sources in our culture would have considerably less negative impact on us.

universal_connection,_intuition,_psychis_abilitiesDiscovering the abilities and power of our heart that we’ve not been taught may be the most enlightening discoveries we have ever made.  Once we realize our heart’s innate ability to have full access to all that exist we can begin understanding how best to access any information and how to most effectively use our intellectual processes to work in harmony so we can begin experiencing life at its highest potential routinely and as our second nature.

Practice is obviously the key to become a master of these innate human abilities but being aware of how the heart and brain function and interconnect is the essential first step

Consider the possibility of:

  • Minimizing unnecessary perceived conflict
  • Knowing better ways to accomplish goals and objectives
  • Being more aware of future outcomes
  • Connecting with loved ones that have passed
  • Psychic and intuitive abilities would be restored to their inherent state
  • Allowing higher sources of intelligences to flow through us
  • Interacting with higher level beings

We hope to see you July 16, 2014 to begin your journey of introductory steps to significantly expand your cosmic connections to a more conscious level.


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