PRF May 21, 2014 EARTH in Transition “Scientific Discoveries & Prophecies Becoming Aligned

EARTH in Transition

Scientific Discoveries & Prophecies Becoming Aligned”

Claude V. Swanson, Ph.D.

Claude V. Swanson, Ph.D.

Physicist I Author I Educator I Visionary Scientific Pioneer


Dr. Claude V. Swanson is a physicist educated at M.I.T. and Princeton with post-doctoral work at Cornell and Princeton.  His career has included various advanced high-level government, military and commercial projects.  For nearly two decades Dr. Swanson has devoted his life to investigating, researching, understanding and writing about supernatural, paranormal events from a scientific perspective focusing on understanding the subtle energy sciences that support and govern them.

His first book The Synchronized Universe covers scientific experiments confirming the existence of invisible supernatural realities.  His second book Life Force “The Scientific Basis” also covers 1,500 scientifically controlled experiments and peer reviewed scientific papers confirming the reality of these amazing invisible forces.  Many now refer to this work as the world’s bible of paranormal confirmation.  He is currently working on his third perception altering book covering the science of the soul.

Standing back and viewing a grander historic picture of the earth’s physical morphing, it appears an intriguing emerging theme is consistent with much of the Prophecies, Predictionspredictions of the world’s most revered prophets’ writings.  The similarities of these honored works have become too consistent with the unique results of scientific monitoring to ignore or dismiss.

The details recorded of these ancient and historic prophets, visionaries and seers are further supported by stories of the world’s indigenous cultures, many religious predictions and recent well-known visionaries including Edgar Cayce, Drunvalo Melchizedek, David Wilcock and others.  Removing ourselves from preconceived notions based on any contemporary singular belief systems or set of teachings a more comprehensive picture presents itself.  Many of these predictions are supported by observed scientifically measured planetary changes over an extended time frame revealing the story of a process of transformation aligned with emerging spiritual beliefs as part of a human evolutionary experience.

It appears quite possible a new reality is currently in the rebirthing process spurring an accelerated evolution affecting all living things within the earth’s atmosphere.  Earth Changes, PRF The completion of a grand cycle of one of the cosmic processes may very well be playing itself out right now in our lifetime.  What an amazing experience for a soul to go through!

Specific scientific data measurements combined with historic esoteric works and other respected spiritual teachings presented at Wednesday’s event will bring together a powerful perspective filling intellectual voids helpful in filling gaps between a deep knowingness within us.


PRF Monthly Gathering, Wednesday,  May 21st 2014

7:00- 9:15 PM

$5 at Door

Open to the Public

Paranormal Research Forum

Jeffco Fairgrounds Event Center

15200 W. 6th Ave. Golden, CO 80401

(Southwest Corner 6th Ave & Indiana St.)    MAP



  1. Is this event going to be put on youtube or any other streaming service I really want to see this but im in Montana

    • Sorry, this was one of those esoteric events for small groups. It is not intended or permitted for general public promotion. Thanks for asking though…

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