PRF March 19, 2014 “ARCTURIAN STAR BEINGS”…Ancient Connections of the Apache

“Arcturian Star Beings”

…Ancient Connections of the Apache


Native American l Sundancer l Pipe Holder l History/Anthropology Teacher

NOTE; No recording will be permitted at this event…

Itasha is an Apache woman living on the Reservation in Arizona.  She is an Arcturian contactee, is a Sundancer and Pipe holder. She has presented at Jim Gilliland’s ECETI Ranch last year, the 2012 Portal to Ascension event and the Star Knowledge Conference 2010-2014.  Her understanding of the Arcturian Race is extensive and these star beings have requested indigenous cultures of the world share information with all peoples of the world of a most critical time for humans and all life on our planet.

She will be sharing intergalactic spiritual interaction, between on and off planet Star beings. How we transpose ourselves into the realms of pure Divine Consciousness, healing ourselves, others, and the world around us; is the journey. This journey will address utilizing the abilities of Divine Realm Star Beings and traversing time and space. Time travel, missing time, object manifestation, will also be explored as it pertains to Spiritual Transformation of humanity and the return home.

Her walk has been many years in Sacred Spaces learning, teaching, and Healing. Mt. Shasta, The Dakotas, The Cascades, The White Mountains, and the Blue Mountains have been her home. She is a History, Anthropology, Extraterrestrial_Petroglyph_Native_American_Star_Beingsand Spanish teacher. Itasha’s most important and beloved -job is mother and grandmother. She has written and performed poetry, songs and dances for Native Images at Arizona State University, is a Healer, and Azteca Dancer, Clairvoyant and Telepath. Since birth Itasha has been trained by, and has interacted with, Star Beings, Angelic Beings and Spiritual guides. Her life has been a gift. “It is a joy to be here in this world.”

As directed by her spirit guides, she, along with other Native American tribal teachers has recently started sharing information with other races of the world on behalf of extraterrestrial beings.  The oral history indigenous cultures have always made reference to their relationships with the “Star People”.  Ancient hieroglyphs and artwork on every continent also leave acknowledgement of their interactions with these celestial beings throughout man’s existence on this planet.  This information is part of a much larger story that is part of man’s earliest existence on this planet placing the world’s religions in an entirely new context.  At this time in history a large number of Native American Tribes are being spiritually guided to share this information with the other people of the world about critical timely matters they have historically held so closely within their Native American Communities.  This is apparently a time of great change and purification of all humanity and night_sky_milky_way_stars,_Native American_Star_Beingsthe earth itself.  It is considered to be the most significant event experienced by mankind in tens of thousands of years according to Native American History.  Their awareness of our off-planet origins are an important aspect of a grander picture being shared at this pivotal time of human evolution.

Itasha has had an extraordinary connection with the Arcturian Race from the constellation Arcturus since birth.  The Arcturians are known to be one of very oldest, if not “the” oldest, and wisest of Races in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Itasha has recently spoken at the 2013 Star Knowledge Conference in Joshua Tree, Arizona.

Her humble gentle manner of speaking is reflective of the stature of information she shares.  The deep relationships with all living things have allowed these indigenous cultures to survive for millennia with their heightened awareness of galactic and earth cycles intact. 

As with most of the larger Native American Tribes maintaining their indigenous knowledge within their tribal culture has been considered as a sacred trust between these Star Beings and their tribal leaders and members.  In the past several months individuals within tribes are being directed by their spirit guides being told it is now time to share with the world the sacred information they have held tightly within their individual cultures for so long.  The timing of this sacred information now being released is related to a grand galactic event cycle occurring approximately every 26,000 years.  This cycle is known by indigenous people around the world.  Most U.S. citizens have only heard of this apache_dance_1889_extraterrestrial_star_beings,_star_peopleevent through misinterpretations and dramatic embellishments by the mainstream media and non-indigenous authors as the December 21, 2012 event through the Mayan Calendar.  This grand event has always been widely known by the world’s indigenous cultures.  Their closely held information regarding interactions with Star Beings has not been manipulated by world economic and religious powers as written for mainstream educational institutions.  Going to the source for any valuable or controversial information is always preferable for best accuracy in its purest original form.

A great change is now in process that is, and will be, affecting all that lives on this planet.  It is an event of such unequaled magnitude it is only reflected by ancient artwork, artifacts and text.  The Bible refers to this time as “Revelations”, or “the revealing”.  Knowledge of this powerful evolution in planetary and human history is embedded throughout human records for those wise enough to recognize.

The era of increasing darkness, heaviness and deception on this planet is in its process of transitioning into its new world form and awareness.  A spiritual consciousness that is collectively rising through millions of seemingly unrelated people around the world is an integral aspect of this natural evolutionary process.  This event represents a time of much confusion and chaos for those that are not aware of what is happening from a grander perspective.  The veil being lifted will allow people to see a greater reality that has always been in place.  The misunderstandings, mis-teachings and false propaganda generated by powerful individuals and institutions will become apparent in this process.  It is critical our individual relationships with all things of real value need to be identified and reinforced at this time.  The human response through this period will, in great part, determine the outcome on the most significant of matters including the continuance of the human race itself.

It is important that individuals receive this information form all revered non-mainstream sources to sense the new truths being revealed and make the healthiest choices and decisions during this period of fundamental change and confusion.

A grander cosmic reality and it’s highly intelligent life forms are making themselves known to the people of this planet.

  1. Deepest thanks for all you are doing

  2. I called a Elder friend of mine from Fort Mc Dowell they never heard of her at that Rez,, she might be from another Rez, But I do talks and art shows there many of my Apache friends are from there.. love to hear what she has to say, very interesting,, is she with FB or private web site ? thanks Rick for sharing this well be interesting

  3. I heard of Itasha through Laurie Reyon who spoke very highly of her in November 2013 on the Masterworks Healing Membership site. I am so excited to experience her in person tonight! Thank you so much for bringing Itasha in to make her accessible to us! Many Blessings! ~Maureen Keefe

  4. Through out my life the 3 main races, beings that have always contacted me and have activated me our the angelic’s, arcturians and native Americans, and I am starting to connect the dots ♡

    • So many individuals around the planet are experiencing greater awareness through various means. It is a time of awakening in preparation for a great transition cycle which has happened a great number of times throughout human history. Its Time……

    • So many individuals around the planet are experiencing greater awareness through various means. It is a time of awakening in preparation for a great transition cycle which has happened a great number of times throughout human history. Its Time……

  5. It was great chatting with you last week. I look forward to seeing you again. Light & Love Mary

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