OrbsAn Orb is a term commonly used in referencing a phenomenon documented in recent years referring to spherical appearing floating objects normally not seen by the naked eye. They have a distinction from conventionally explainable objects.  These objects have become more commonly known due to their ability to be photographed and videotaped. With the proliferation of use of cameras more people are noticing and documenting this phenomenon with much greater frequency and curiosity. Thoughts about this unique curiosity cover quite a range. Many of these possibilities can be eliminated through critical observations.

There are many conventional explanations for this spherical phenomenon as noted below but the focal point of scientific and paranormal investigation and research revolves around those that defy any of these more rational explanations.  

“Orbs emerging from ancient Egyptian Chamber”

Some of the best evidence eliminating any conventional explanation is captured on video recorders especially on infrared or Night Shot mode.  As in recording most paranormal phenomena the older Sony High 8 model video cameras pick up images better than other film or newer digital cameras.  When these spherical orbs are recorded moving through objects (such as multiple orbs coming out of a wall at a high rate of speed) any practical considerations are eliminated.  In some cases a high number of theseOrbs spheres are recorded appearing in mid-air (seemingly out of nowhere) and flowing sometimes visually traveling through a person’s body and frequently disappearing in another specific non-descript location.  Documented evidence of these unexplainable orb phenomena are becoming more prevalent such as viewed in the video above.  For some unknown reason there are sometimes specific paths these orbs travel through flowing like rivers or currents in an ocean.  Perhaps some sort of a portal or conduit that can be captured on video recordings.  Many refer to such channels or paths as vortexes, doors, openings or gateways.  Some seem to function like rivers where hundreds of these spheres flow as if there is a well defined invisible membrane they move through.

It is very difficult to make the distinction between these unusual orbs and conventionally explained ones.

Paranormal Orb Characteristics typically include one or more of the following:

  • They typically can’t be seen with the naked eye.
  • They float in the air meandering at varying speeds but sometimes displaying deliberate direction and intent.
  • In some rare instances these objects appear to recognize and respond to, or interact with, humans.
  • They are sometimes transparent, translucent or solid and occasionally appear to have, or reflect, colors
  • They can frequently be photographed and videotaped through digital means and conventional photographic films
  • Some videotapes have documented orbs responding to human thoughts and/ or words
  • In some instances Orbs have been viewed and experienced as healing entities surrounding and healing a person with significant medical issues
  • Certain areas, objects, ceremonies or individuals tend to attract these phenomena.
  • Orbs are occasionally observed with the naked eye in certain instances or by exceptional individuals.
  • Orbs have been observed traveling through (or seen coming out of) walls.
  • Orbs have been videotaped moving in an intentional/ intelligent manner even responding to human commands and requests on occasions.
  • These unusual spheres seem to be more easily seen and videotaped with the older Sony Hi-8  video camera in near infrared or”Night Vision” mode.

Conventional Explanations of Orbs as they appear on photographs

  • Dust particles
  • Water droplets
  • Lens flare
  • Lens refraction
  • Reflective flashbacks
  • Insect flashbacks
  • Ball lightening
  • Geologic activity enerated as subsurface geologic movement occurs releasing trapped gasses. These short lived light phenomenon travel with erratic behavior patterns then dissipating

Other Possible Explanations
Based on various investigations and reports it is possible, or likely, that unconventional orbs could be any number of the following:

  • An unknown/ unidentified living entity
  • A biological phenomenon
  • Remote viewing vehicle
  • Life form transport mechanism
  • Conscious thought form
  • Human spirits (deceased)
  • Animal entities
  • Alien entities
  • Celestial/Angelic beings
  • Parallel universe activity
  • Time travel viewing device from the future
  • Healing stations
  • Conscious thought
  • All of the above and more…

Considerations for eliminating conventional explanations

  • Insist on more than an interesting looking photo requiring significant speculation
  • Movement of multiple orbs in the same direction (indicating camera movement)
  • Stereo cameras can identify a genuine 3-dimensional spherical object eliminating conventional possibilities
  • Video footage documenting orb traveling through a physical object
  • Multiple orbs traveling in different directions at extremely high rates of speed determined by the EXIF data recorded on the digital photo record


  1. Hello to everyone,

    Last year in october I had the privilege of witnessing a clearly visible light emitting ball which was following me at a distance. At first I didn’t see it, but felt a presence and thought someone was in fact in the woods somewhere nearby. So, while walking in the wood, I looked backwards and there it was! Clearly approaching… So, I stopped walking and waited to what was going to happen. The ball stopped in front of me at a distance of about 25 meter and then it vanished. I was too late to make a photo! Made several afterwards which indicate nobody else was in the wood. Diameter ball= 15 cm – Colour: pale blue – speed of movement: about 4 km/h – height of movement= 1.3 meter – Time of visual observation= about 3 seconds. Place of observation= well known ex WW2 Belgian battle field where 7 US 101 Airborne passed away december 44/jan 45.
    Hope this reply may be usefull for everyone reading it. To me this is definite proof of the existance of another dimension and despite of what others may claim or pretend: they didn’t see it, did they?



  2. Addendum to previous reply

    The ball was flickering at high speed and the colour can be very well compared with nowadays Xenon lights of cars. The observation was during a very sunny october afternoon: a cloudless sky and the sun was going under in the direction where the ball appeared. Through the trees of the wood, no direct sunlight was visible.

    It is not the first time that I experienced unexpected phenomenae like this ball appearance: took several unexplainable photo’s of strange appearances before. These pictures or photo’s have one thing in common: they are all taken at places where battles have been fought and where soldiers passed away. At other places many photo’s have been taken without any unexpected anomaly to be seen.

    This year I certainly will go back to the place where the ball appeared and this time with my camera ready for instant action: in filming mode and picture mode without flashlight.
    Though several people agree that they can clearly recognize appearances on the photo’s I took in the recent past… nobody dares coming with me or go by themselves to the places where the photo’s were taken! Why are people so afraid? Why don’t they make pictures?



  3. Sometimes as I awake in the morning, I look up at the sunlight coming into the window and I see what I think of as an orb. It usually has geometric patterns on the inside of it and sometimes there are more than one connected together. It is usually transparent although it seems to have some kind of substance. Is this just the sunlight or can these be orbs?

    • It’s difficult to say without more information however it is possible for certain individuals to see such things. Sometimes environmental conditions and our current physiological state are factors. As we awake we are still in a deeper altered consciousness state which could easily account for these experiences.

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